seatpitch @ 28.02.2015
Fan’s eye view: Reading 0-3 Forest

An unbeaten February — five wins, one draw and 19 goals — sees Nottingham Forest reach 50 points, with an eye on the play-offs, after beating Reading 3-0. Adam Edwards offers a fan’s eye view fr

yanksunited @ 27.02.2015

TotalSoccerShow @ 27.02.2015
Talking MLS CBA with ESPNFC's Jeff Carlisle

With Daryl abroad, Taylor called up ESPNFC's Jeff Carlisle to discuss the current situation with the MLS CBA talks, as well as how far apart the two sides are, where we go from here, and how likely it

CSD @ 27.02.2015
Liverpool (0) Besiktas (1): It’s a Long Hard Road Out of Europe

A return to Turkey and the scene of arguably Liverpool’s most famous European win wouldn’t prove to be two times lucky as the Reds crashed out of the Europa League at the hands of Besiktas

Osesax @ 27.02.2015
Week 27 EPL Preview and Predictions

Via @Famousseyi The last round of fixtures in the Premier League saw Chelsea remain top of the league table despite a draw at home to Burnley and this meant that Manchester City reduced the gap betwee

tomwfootball @ 26.02.2015
Analysis: Old flaws harpoon Arsenal in Champions League

“Arsenal’s defensive naivety and gung-ho attacking have long been used as sticks with which to beat Wenger, but his side seemed to have turned over a new leaf in last month’s 2-0 vic

chalkontheboots @ 21.02.2015
There is a Legacy

Lush green turf sweeps majestically before him. It’s his domain even if there are others involved. It’s where he operates. He doesn’t rush, he strolls. The blue and the red providing his

LeJask @ 08.02.2015
Case Study: Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 Arsenal 7/2/2015

While Arsenal have struggled continuously with big games in recent years, they have remained largely in control of North London due to Tottenham’s never-ending ability to shoot themselves in the

rajathk @ 08.02.2015
Pippo Inzaghi the villain in AC Milan’s defeat to Juventus

Juventus are the best team in Italy. True. AC Milan are not the titans they used to be. True. But, what makes a football match competitive isn’t merely the quality of the players. It is also the

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ДР Конго выигрывает «бронзу» Кубка Африки, Кидиаба ликует

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freezing center fish s.r.l.

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Radone @ 29.01.2015
Tucudean – failure abroad, top dog in Romania?

Opening up today’s Gazeta, you might think that Steaua just made the greatest signing ever. The approach masks two important issues: 1. Steaua’s moves on the transfer market are seriousl

UniqueFC @ 23.01.2015
Operation Enforced Player Trades Active

Continuing on from the previous article, and following some discussions with the league members, we've decided to go ahead and adopt the player trading system starting from next month. Overall, this

grantdesmidt @ 18.01.2015
Rafa Benítez: How the Spanish Coach Has Revolutionised Football

Much criticised and even ridiculed in certain quarters, Rafael Benítez has achieved more in football than many care to acknowledge. Some managers are hailed for the amount of titles they win; fewer m

avinash @ 10.12.2014
Just do it: Vote!!!

We, Mauritians, will elect the people who will represent us in the Parliament for the next five years. I know politics might seem bizarre for young people as our politicians are so disconnect to (and

Total Football 22 @ 08.12.2014
The Case of Arsene Wenger: Why he shouldn’t move ‘upstairs’

Long-serving managers often share traits with dictators. Time and again, they position themselves to wield unabated control over their team, rejecting criticism, publicly slaying opposition to their r

sgecko @ 26.11.2014
Thoughts on Ferguson

I’ve never seen such a sense of common purpose. Such an outpouring of personal opinion and passionate pleas. If I had known before today what the people I know are capable of, I would have given

Range Rooney @ 23.11.2014
Five things we’ve learnt from Arsenal vs United

United have finally won away from home and, albeit aided by a large slice of luck, Saturday’s 2-1 win at the Emirates could and should be the turning point we’ve been waiting for. HereR

SoccerReportExtra @ 17.11.2014
How Chelsea Could Turn The Premier League Race Into No Race At All

But although Liverpool’s misstep during the run in has become the dominating narrative of the 2013/14 season it also offered Jose Mourinho and Chelsea a very convenient get-out-of-jail card. Chelsea

simonhead @ 12.09.2014
Top 25 Cult Heroes 1954-1979: Number 8

Freddie Cox – ‘Gillingham’s Greatest Manager’ In the chequered history of Gillingham Football Club,...