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WBA – Manchester United

Byrjunarliðið er klárt! Varamenn: Lindegaard, Smalling, Carrick, Fellaini, Fletcher, Young, Falcao. Orðrómurinn í síðustu viku reyndist réttur, Januzaj byrjar inn á, sem er bara frábært. J

yanksunited @ 17.10.2014

chalkontheboots @ 16.10.2014
The Beginning of the End?

It was always going to happen. It was only a matter of time. That’s the When. The other variables to consider were the Where and the Who. Both would likely be connected. Some had previously gues

wvhooligan @ 16.10.2014
The Garber-Klinsmann battle

Yesterday was certainly a wild ride for those covering Major League Soccer. Almost out of no where in the middle of the afternoon a media alert lands in my inbox telling me of a press conference being

LeJask @ 15.10.2014
Retrospective: Juventus 2-3 Manchester United 1999

With the release of his second autobiography, the football news has been flooded with an abundance of stories from Roy Keane’s career. Individually, they are quite amusing – him deciding a

SoccerReportExtra @ 13.10.2014
Why Any New UEFA Financial Fair Play Debt Threshold Won’t Impact Real Madrid or Manchester United

It did not take long for the media to pick up on the comment and before the day was out we had a myriad of articles that took 1 and 1 and made it 99. The thought process went something like this –

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Доигрался в войнушку

Белорусские и украинские болельщики хором скандируют «Путин — ху@ло!» © 2014 Топ-футбол. Копирование зап

tomwfootball @ 03.10.2014
Analysis: New-look Liverpool left in starting blocks

“It is in attack, however, that Liverpool’s problems are most clearly apparent. While Raheem Sterling continues to excite, it was only in the impressive victory at Spurs that Liverpool sho

rajathk @ 21.09.2014
AC Milan’s inferiority complex showed against Juventus

While seated on my couch last night, viewing AC Milan take on Juventus at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, the enthusiasm within me began to sap. The team representing AC Milan looked unrecognizable from t

Radone @ 18.09.2014
Ogararu will lose games as a coach, but should never lose our respect

Mihai Nesu‘s everyday life is a physical struggle after the horrific accident suffered years ago, but his intelligence and passion for football are still in one place. So, it’s not pity wh

simonhead @ 12.09.2014
Top 25 Cult Heroes 1954-1979: Number 8

Freddie Cox – ‘Gillingham’s Greatest Manager’ In the chequered history of Gillingham Football Club,...

SalmanAnis @ 04.09.2014
Manchester United and Rooney need to part ways

Louis Van Gaal is a tactical mastermind and has won it all. These are only early days at Manchester United for the Dutch manager but a decision he will be regretting already at Old Trafford and that i

nathanmorton @ 31.08.2014
Manchester United Transfer News – Kagawa, Hernandez Out, Blind And Co. Dawdling

It’s been a day of exodus for Manchester United as two United players have already been confirmed as signed to other teams. Javier Hernandez has agreed to a season loan deal to Real Madrid, wher

saikumarcfc999 @ 31.08.2014
Everton 3-6 Chelsea: Willian and Fabregas crucial as Mourinho’s reactive football outclasses Martinez

  In the opening 3 weeks of this EPL season, Jose Mourinho has successfully displayed that he has two entirely different sets of game plans and personnel for specific positions in games against t

Range Rooney @ 15.07.2014
Is it time to sell United forgotten man?

As Mario Gotze inscribed his name in the history books by scoring the goal that clinched Germany’s first World Cup in 24 years, one wonders how Shinji Kagawa must have felt. The Japanese would h

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Holy cow, it’s here. This is it. Today. It’s for all the marbles. And who doesn’t want all of the marbles? Nobody. Or at least nobody who isn’t Argentinian or German. It’

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Angel Di Maria in the shadows of greatness

Originally posted on FútbolTriangle:Among other things, Jurgen Klopp’s conclusion was clear and simple. “You can’t mark Di Maria,” was what he said after Borussia Dortmund had played Real Mad

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Saturday, June 28 Roan United 1 – 0 Konkola Blades Nakambala Leopards 1 – 1 Power Dynamos Nkana 3 – 2 National Assembly Zanaco 2 – 0 Red Arrows Konkola Mine Police 1 – 2

street urchin @ 26.06.2014
British morality? Uruguayan mendacity? A plague on both your houses

One of the most frequently misunderstood things about World Cups is the bizarre, naive idea that they’re all about football. They’re not. They never have been. They’re about much, mu