JensLehmannFirstly, both teams play with a high defensive line which attempts the offside trap ridiculously often. This is coupled with a goalkeeper who regularly takes risks trying to sweep up balls over the top. The right back in each team is predominantly defensive, whereas the left back regularly reaches the opposition's by-line. Each team has one comparatively static defensive mid alongside a more energetic b2b. The bulk of the attacking play generally comes down the left side of the pitch, The right side is more direct in its attacking but still regularly contributes goals, mainly through Freddy/Theo latching onto through balls. Maybe current Arsenal attacks more down the centre, due to Giroud's lack of mobility and Cazorla's increased tendency to drift inside (although with a fit Poldi at left wing instead, the play gravitates more to the left again).

The biggest differences in the styles of the two teams come as a result of differences in the strengths and weaknesses of individual players, especially Gilberto/Arteta, Bergkamp/Wilshere and Henry/Giroud. Does this suggest that if Wenger can sign a destructive defensive midfielder, a brilliant offensive schemer à la Cesc and a mobile and clinical striker for next season he could once more hit upon a formula which has already brought him huge success?

I wasn't going to post a topic cos I haven't even had a look at the forum yet and I only found this site like 30 minutes ago, but the create a new topic box was too tempting. Hi anyway :)


nvrSo, do you remember any Wenger team which has been tactically different? IMHO, the difference is always about the quality of the squad, at least compared to the competition.