• 9 1st attacker

    the 9 role has to be big strong and aggressive their main job is to keep the opposition defense busy and pushed back running in front of the oppositions defense finding space while also going out wide and giving the team width someone for numbers 2 ...

    craigrichardsfc | 20.04.2017

  • the 10 role 2nd attacker

    10 plays just 5 or 10 yards behind position number 9 looking to go past 9 at any opportunity number 10 does do some defending but never comes deeper than their own 18 yard box and never any wider than the 18 yard box either 10s job support and help 9...

    craigrichardsfc | 20.04.2017

  • Midfield 3 positions 11,8,7

    ok so positions 11,8 and 7 like the positions 4,5 and 6 do not go any wider than a yard or 2 outside the 18 yard box as the width of our team will come from numbers 2 ,3,and 9.position 8 again will run the width of the 6 yard box but will be roughl...

    craigrichardsfc | 20.04.2017

  • defending positions 3,2,5

    ok Position 5 defends the width of the 6 yard box to half way do not come out the width of 6 yard as you have positions 4 and 6 to do this for you your job is to organize and make sure 4 and 6 are in a good position to block the ball or mark players ...

    craigrichardsfc | 20.04.2017

  • position 6 and 4

    positions 6 and 4 i want to defend just in between these lines so just 1 or 2 yards outside the side of box and just up to half way line and only thier side of the goal to the middle of the goal

    craigrichardsfc | 20.04.2017

  • Arsenal: RVP needs rest, Gervinho's leaving, and Walcott wants a central role-- anyone considered a 3-3-2-1-1?

    Guess I'll start at the back...Mertesacker:I like this guy. You can hear dedication and intelligence every time he speaks. I think it's just a matter of time before he adjusts to the league. Oh and it's really hard for me to turn do...

    awdyson | 16.11.2011 | Comments: 6

  • Alex Song best defenseive mid in the world

    I just wanted a a really grabbing title so everyone voices their opinion.Okay he's not the best in the world, but he might be closer than you think. This topic is mostly focused on players who play in teams with 3 cm'sNot completely a...

    king1319 | 29.11.2011 | Comments: 9

  • the best team in the world!!!!! (is a parody obviously)

    all the best players in the world here!the goalkeepers are CÊch,buffon,casillas and julio cesar.

    rafinha1993 | 11.02.2011 | Comments: 1

  • Attacking formation/tataics

    The goal start and pass the ball to the defender and then the defender pass the ball to the midfielder when the midfielder get the ball the opposite striker will try to attack the midfielder so the pass the ball to the other defender and than the oth...

    13jojuj | 08.02.2017

  • Liverpool 2011-2012 with no new signings

    With Aquilani coming back you can find a spot for him in the midfield as well. I expect Liverpool to make a couple more signings but the classic AC Milan "christmas tree" could put both Suarez and Gerrard in a free role which would suit bo...

    Joynertw | 01.07.2011 | Comments: 4

  • Best Formation(5-5-0)

    I have noticed that a lot of people worry about defending, and they are right defending is important in football, but defending doesn't score goals, and you need to score goals to win. But, something that is true is that the best defense is the b...

    Redrebel | 28.11.2008 | Comments: 8

  • Greatest XI of all time (Well balanced)

    Greatest XI of all time (Well balanced) This team is playing in a balanced formation of 4-1-3-2. The Goalkeeper is the legendary Buffon, who has a great line of Defenders ahead of him, who can intelligently block any line ...

    Satadru145 | 09.07.2016