dvdtt.shrmHi everyone, above is a small tactic for teams having small playing pitches or grounds. QPR - one of the famous borderline club suffers this. I have seen many games of QPR and I have found - there is is no ball possession, no offence and no defence :D . Again, the problem is tactical, players usually need space to run and chase, especially new players coming from other clubs. Pitch is different.
The diamond in the middle is - the possible solution for teams having smaller grounds. Expecting a very big opponent like ManU or ManC , this stampede formation comes from classic football when players weren't so speedy and defenders not skillful. Defence line uses a classic T form or a Sweeper + Blocker. Not exactly T shape, but tilted T so that in at time, formation can turn normal 4-3-3. Here, high tempo one touch passes can stretch opposite teams midfield. Another change is playing a Centre Forward rather than the Striker, which brings player into midfield like Rooney plays. The two wingers are stretched far to tear up the opposite team's central defence. A CF is tough to mark since he constantly interchanges position b/w forward and midfield.
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