werdna10Barca need to inject more pace and intensitiy into their attack. too many times they bring up the pitch too slowly and predictibly. This formation can allow barca to get the ball onto the feet of messi and neymar and attack the opposition more directly and at pace. Also allowing fabergas to play in the playmaker role will allow him to pick apart the oppostion with his lethal through balls.


SquarepusherNo room in this team for Iniesta?


werdna10I don't see xavi, iniesta, and fabregas all starting at the same time, so iniesta could easily slot in for xavi or cesc but right now he is not performing at his best. That is why he is not in my line up. Also after Pedro's performance I would probably start him over my boy tello.


DonWYou've played way to much Football Manager or FIFA.. If everyone is running forward, who would stay back ? Macherano and Pique ?? Bayern would win 12-0
Also Messi has to play forwarder - he is running 2 meters pr match...


zekhonyaAgree with DonW LOL. No one can stop bayern with this formation, not even Messi.


Young o nelsoninniesta must b in the team there4 take tello away then inniesta 2 dribel&give killing passes


Joe423Messi plays up front, he's the best player in the world so you play him centrally where you can get the most out of him.