vlo3olyI think this is pep's solution about how to use powerful side players like ribery, robben, shaqiri, alaba and rafinha. Lahm is bright and good passer, so he move to center postion. He start in front of center back, but usually run forward or backward. It's like a sweeper


Green-Eagleit is actually great idea, and with this way he will have so many choices for using players!


nvrDid Pep ever played a 3 men defence at Barca? I know Bielsa did that a lot with Bilbao but can't remember if Pep ever did...


swordfishellPep has used a similar formation in his last year in Spain. All of his sides adopt a very fluid approach and it is ambiguous and debatable on wether the central center back acts more like an anchor man for the midfield or like a slightly more creative ball playing center back. In addition what I found very interesting is the fact that wing backs do not overlap but instead they adopt a more central role to recycle possession while they enable ribery and robben to assume full responsibility and freedom on the flanks. I believe that bayern will maximize their potential when kroos and bastian will balance out their creative responsibilities with their defensive positioning. Finally I can see mandzukic getting less and less playing time and muller turning into a key player.


pmassara3-man defenses only work with 3 excellent defenders and a possessing front. At this time, Bayern could run this perfectly with it's back 3, especially with Muller and Goetz provided world-class depth in the (attacking) midfield.


king1319I am really not a fan of Lahm in midfield. It reduces bayerns depth at rb seeing as raf plays all the time now, while neglecting bayerns real strength in numbers in midfield.

I know the midfield has had lots of injuries but its a big shame to see Rafinha theoretically playing over Gotze/Muller/Schwiney/Martinez. A bit harsh on Rafinha but I hope he gets more bench time as the season comes closer.

If the 3 at the back is Peps target he should at least try to get Martinez in there as he is a half defender half midfielder