rahul khond barca started with a 4-3-3 . now this is new barcelona side . under enrique they seem to be a bit cautious .they are not pressing that aggreseively . instead they are doing it when the opportunity . the barca sides in the past used to press aggresively . the second change in the barca team is they are playing a lot deeper than usual . earlier barca side used to play a very high line but given their experiences in the past and knowing that opponents have learnt to play against their pressing game . enriques side was a bit cautious from the start . in this match barca played more on the wings rather than the usual middle of the pitch approach . barca fullbacks were finding quite a space down the flanks since they didnt had a natural defender against them on offense . one of the PSG midfielders would switch from the middle to defend barca's fullbacks . now on offense barca were finding quite a lot of space between the lines . even though PSG had three players in the middle they were not that disciplined .the perfect example of that will be found out in the braca's first of how easy they lost messi and let him have an easy shot to score . for me at times barca should give up the policy of scoring a perfect .they should be dangerous from anywhere on the field . for iniesta and rakitic failed to exert there authority on the game . barca's passing wasnt that quick and crisp . another let down was neymar although he scored a goal but still his showmanship needs to be disciplined . he needs to understand as to where he can take players on and who can he take on . he tried to dribble from the centre line which is not proper . barca had too much space since PSG were getting stretched out their midfield had the job of defending the middle as well as to support the fullbacks since their forward were not that interested in defending their opposite numbers .
in the second half both sides made substitutions but there no significant change in the style of play . al hadadi had one good shot which touched the post other than PSG missed a couple as they had done all game long .