Aditya NayakOur Tactic is 4-2-3-1 with A normal Defensive line, a double pivot of Nainggolan and Lahm. Firmino will be playing in the hole whereas Neymar and turan will be Inside forward and Right winger respectively. HArry Kane will be the lone striker upfront.

The Game Plan is very much similar to the playing style deployed by Pochetino. We would look to win the midfield by having some high pressing and winning the ball and starting an attack/Counter. Lahm will play the role of defensive midfielder whose job is to protect the back line and distribute the ball to the creative/attacking players when in possession. Radja on the other hand will be the one doing the dirty work of getting the tackles in and winning the ball back. When in Possession Radja will move upfront and join the team in attacking plays making him a B2B midfielder.

On the Attack, Firmino will pull the strings bringing the creativity To the side and will the one finding the gaps for neymar and Kane to score. Neymar will be an inside Forward who will cut in from the LEft wing and get into scoring positions. Either ways neymar's Tricks and agility ensures that he himself can dribble past the opponent defender and create a scoring chance for the team either by Crossing from the line or cutting in and having a shot himself. His Pace, skills and Creativity makes him ery difficult player to mark. Arda turan will play the role of Advanced Winger on the right.Turan is very handy in pressing plays and can himself exert pressure and win the ball. Also his pace and power can get him past the full back allowing him a chance to find Kane in the box.

Harry kane the Lone striker upfront will act as a Complete Forward Possessing the Technical Attributes of a Deeplying Forward, The Goal Scoring Ability of a Poacher and power of target man. Playing in a attacking mentality, Kane will be Spearheading the Attacks and Crafting chances for himself and others.