NikkogunnersOut of 12 shots on goal Chelsea managed 6 shots on target and got one goal. We managed 9 shots on goal and managed just one shot on target. I have harbored the belief that for the set of players we have, we are not full utilizing them. And in case of a send off, we should be organized in a formation that in my view is adding an extra man in the field.
We should move to 5.2.3 formation. It means that we will have quick transitions and it will use the capacities of our full backs now playing as wing backs. At a time when we need they will fill up the spaces in the midfield. The defensive midfielder will also play as a temporary centre back when needed. We will have three forwards rather than one and players like Sanchez and Cavani will become strikers as well as wingers. In case against Chelsea where we lost a player we would have just reorganized and even if Giroud was removed we would be left with two players attacking.
I believe we need such as system with speedy transition that Arsenal of past as well as Arsenal of now is famed for and with this system we will be getting more shot on goal definitely and possibly more shots on target and more goals. Campbell can defend and attack on equal measure, he is not skinny and he is hard worker. He should replace Ramsey in the centre of the pitch