RedrebelI am very glad Manchester is eliminated from the FA. I hope this loss affects them in Champions League and the Barclays. But, I am surprised with Everton they did a very good job of keeping a clean sheet. Chelsea is most likely going to win the FA, but you never know, Everton might suprise all of us. What do you guys think?


kirbyi bet you support liverpool or chelsea or real madrid! thats why you hate manchester united!


RedrebelI don't hate Manchester United, but I dislike the idea of them winning the Champions League and Barclays again.


kirbyIts every team dream to win the champions league and barclays even more often. its not bad. its good


RedrebelIt's bad if you are not a Man U fan.


kirbyI am a Man U fan accualty.


RedrebelMy team is Chivas, but in the Premier I go for Chelsea and Liverpool.