RedrebelAs you know Real Madrid has been spending money, but will those expensive players really make a difference and lead Real Madrid to accomplish all it's goals?


FeriAtsIt's going to be an exercise of managing big egos for Pellegrini. Del Bosque managed to do it in first Galacticos era. I am not so sure about Pellegrini.

It's a big gamble, and I have a feeling that it won't work this time.


RedrebelIn my opinion its not going to work for the first games, but as the players get used to playing with each other than they will shine.


Robert O'CarlosWhen Jack Charlton asked Alf Ramsay why he'd included him in the England squad ahead of better players, Ramsay replied that Charlton wasn't the best player in his position, but the best player for Ramsay's system.

Regardless of players, Madrid will only be successful with the right system, and, assuming they are, the most important signing Real Madrid will have made this summer will be Pellegrini.

Worth pointing out also that, by the end of Perez' last spell in charge, and perhaps as a long term result of the galacticos policy, Real Madrid were having one of the worst periods they'd had since the golden age of the '50s team.


ZolaWell, things go really bad when things go bad with an expensive squad. The expecations (and the pressure) are so high that the team shatters after a couple of unlucky results.


nvrReal Madrid reportedly backed out of David Villa deal. Does that mean that the spending spree is over for this year?


Robert O'CarlosThe reported figure they were planning on spending this summer was the equivalent of around £260M. I have no idea what figure they're up to at this stage.


FeriAtsBenzema(35M €), Kaka(65M €) and Ronaldo(95M €) so far. A grand total of 160M £ approximately. Another 100M £ to go. However they still have essentials to buy: a striker, a defensive mid and maybe another defender too.


nvrThey've already bought Raul Albiol for 15M €. You can delete the last item from your shopping list.


RoberticusSo far they've spent 214 million Euros. An they've three more players to sign.


nvrThanks for the info.

Valdano, RM's general director, has anounced that the will not be chasing Ribery and Alonso, because their price tags are above RM's remaining budgets.

So this is first hand confirmation of end of thier spending spree.