ZolaIf the final decission is not taken before January, we'll be able to buy players. I expect asking prices to go through the roof tho. Other clubs will know Chelsea are desperate.



Robert O'CarlosWhen is a punishment not a punishment, eh?

The whole affair stinks from the direction of FIFA imho. You can almost hear the clamour of phones ringing from Blatter HQ trying to convince the CAS to suspend the ban. It's typical of football associations imposing a ban then downgrading it in some way once the furore has died down.

At least Zola is right in that increased transfer fees will be some sort of (very limited) punishment.


FeriAtsIt was obvious that this was coming. We all remember transfer rumours about Chelsea from almost a month back, don't we?

Punishing an English club that severly, at this they and age, is like killing the goose that lays golden eggs. Blatter and co do not have the balls to do that.