FeriAtsGermany are the most impressive team so far. Fluid play, plenty of chances created. It seems they have no holding midfielder, or anchor man as some call it.

Socceroos are trying to punch above their weight. They should have sit back and open up at the later stages of the game. Trying full attack on a better team seem suicidal to me.


Jaap StamEvery time a German player made a run down in the flanks, one of the forwards made a run to near post and the other to the far post. Basic text book stuff, but Germans were the first country to that in this World Cup.

Rooney should watch Germany v Australia again and again till Friday.


ZolaI am not sure Germany did the right thing. Most teams employ a slow start strategy to tournements. This has 2 uses:

1)The team picks up form when it is needed: after the group stages
2)You hide your weaknesses and strengths from your opponents.

Now we all now if you stop Ozil, you can stop Germany. They didn't seem fluid at all after he was substituted. There will now be players out to get him. I wouldn't be suprised if his tournement is cut short by an injury.

We all know they use wing forwards. Serbians will probably play with a super tight midfield and try not to leave any gaps behind.


willieI actually believe that Germany aren't as good as that game showed. Australia are just that terrible. When they face a top team we'll see. So far, they are the most impressive by actually racking more than just 1 or 2 goals. Argentina needs advice on scoring because it was ridiculous how many chances were missed.