FeriAtsI have started playing 5-a-side after a long while and had been doing some tactical analysis during the game. This is what I came up with.

Most of the attacks come from the right side of the opponent. Unsurprisingly, most of the people are right footed, they tend to drift to right where they have better accuracy with their shot. It is important that a left back covers this area constantly, even at the expense of not joining the attack. It is hard to defend with your weaker foot, so the left back shouldn't lose his place not to add to his problems.

The center back covera both the center and left of the opponent. When the opponent comes from the left, they would need to cut inside to take a shot. This gives the center back an extra couple of seconds for his tackle. He also joins the attack as the surprise man.

The wing player is the link between attack and defense. He uses all the length of the pitch.

Attacker's main duty is to hold on to the ball till the winger and centerback joins the attack. Of course he is going to be opportunistic and sneak one in whenever he can.



nvrMan, just play for fun, no need for a strategy...


chicarooneyIn 5 a side you dont need tactics you just play and hope for the best. I play 5 a side as a CM and I just set up my team mates which is what I enjoy doing best.


mojojojo101There isn't any need for 'positions' in 5 a side tbh, don't get all your players sucked into one small area of the pitch and have a clear and concise way of playing and you'll do well


david1993strategy for 5 a side is not needed
just attack together and defend together and enjoy the game dont over complicate it


chicarooney5 a side is just like kids playing on the street they play for fun make up their own teams and just play.