TheNearPostFrom a tactical standpoint, Algeria' 3-man backline should have dealt with the USA's two forwards. A spare man at the back is generally a good situation. However, rather than sitting static, the USA's forwards spread into wide areas. This would either pull the centerbacks out of position and create gaps the USA's midfield could exploit, or, due to the Algerian wingback's positioning higher up the field, would give the USA an unmarked player to locate in transition play. Moreover, Donovan and Dempsey coming inside and allowing Bornstein and Cherundolo to overlap/ Bornstein and Cherundolo getting forward and allowing Donovan and Dempsey to not worry about width was confusing the Algerian wingbacks. Belhadj and Kadir weren't sure whether to come inside and track Donovan and Dempsey, or stay with Bornstein and Cherundolo. Bornstein wasn't really particularly dangerous, but the other three were dangerous when left free and were involved in creating chances through the first half and the whole match. Indeed, both teams suffered from not having a player closing down the space in front of the defense/ not having enough central midfielders. Ziani and Matmour dropping into the hole overloaded the USA in the central midfield and the two had plenty of shots from distance.