nvrI picked Chamakh over Gervinho because of his fitness worries. Chamakh seemed livelier against Olympiakos anyway.
I am not sure if 'arry will be that defensive at White Hart Lane. He might start with Defoe and have Sandro on the bench.

Key players for me would be Walcott and Song at Arsenal. If Walcott can dominate his flank and Song could hold up against Modric and Van der Vaart, we could get a nice result.



ASI teamKos is out injured. RvP on the wing? A nice thought. We might see that forward line up if we are chasing for a goal late on. As for Tottenham, think you got it spot on. Harry would love to win the midfield battle for once



nvrNot as an out and out winger obviously, more like David Villa of Barca, who can cut inside and score goals.

The back four in your blog seems very reasonable. I am not so sure about Arshavin though. He's not half the player her used to be.


nvrOh just seen the selection on TV, Wenger thinks Coquelin is a better bet than Frimpong. And Gervinho proved fit, so Chamakh sits on the bench, while RVP leads the attack.