larsenalblogWith Bacary Sagna out and Thomas Vermaelen to return soon, Arsenal have 3 excellent central defenders but no right back. Could a back 3 be the solution?


nvrInteresting idea. Do you reckon Gibbs, Santos and or Coquelin will be able to cover whole length of the pitch?


ThiagoFSR83Santos, as a brazilian full back (attacks well, defends badly) is a good choice for a wing back.

HOWEVER, when you have a 3 men defence, you need speed, and I think none of the three defenders are fast enough.

3 defenders are good against 2 attackers. it's could be the choice playing against a 442 (eg.: Tottenham).

ARTETA: I thought he could do a good job in the team. He was raised in Barcelona's cantreras, and he has experience.

but experience and technique are nothing if you dont have spirit, and Arteta is not a "winner guy" type, he lacks what is necessary to be a leader in a big squad!!!

he just "desappear" during big games, and in small games he doesn't, as we say in Brazil, "call the responsability", it is, want to be the protagonist, the hero, the man of the game.

I think Ramsey is "more Arsenal" than Arteta, just remember the UCL game against Marseille, Arteta was in pitch, but not in the game, Ramsey came in and the team rebourne with pace, and the 16 tried some through "killing" passing balls to Persie.

And I'm not talking about the goal, but Ramsey gave Arsenal back to life in that big game in UCL in France.

Unfortunantly, Arteta is a new Arshavin, good player, lacks guts.


nvrWilshere is the guy you are talking about, alas injured. Arteta was signed as a cover for him. When he gets fit, the Spaniard goes to bench.



do you think the mid field would be: Song-Wilshere-Rosicky, or Song-Wilshere-Ramsey?


nvrThe latter. Rosicky(and Arshavin for that matter) is more suited to where Gervinho plays.


ThiagoFSR83@nvr agreed!


chicarooneyWhat the hell? Coquelin over Wilshere that would never happen. Coquelin is a rubbish CM even Darron Gibson is a better CM


G.K.Coquelin is excellent, and can also play RB - that's why he's been chosen.


chicarooneyMy last comment looks very stupid now Coquelin is actully a great player and he is versatile.