The_Emperor5The sweeper is obsolete. Zonal Marking is now the effective way of defending in the modern game. Therefore Ramos goes back to its current CB role and Xabi Alonso turns into my "Advanced Sweeper", or "Deep-Lying Playmaker", whose role is the central defensive midfield.

Ronaldo and Di María cover the attacking flanks getting support from the fullbacks. The central midfielders support the front-men, creating chances, and the deep-lying playmaker does their same job, but behind them. When the moment seems fit, that deep-lying playmaker will move forward as well.

My central defenders will mark their respective zones at the back and move forward whenever support is needed from my "advanced sweeper" or any other outfield player.

Considering the ability of these players, this formation could fit well against even Barcelona.


nvrBarcelona are playing with a very similar formation. Is it just me or do they really manage to make it look like more attacking than Real Madrid?


LabudI don't know about you guys, but every body are trying to play defense against Barca, or at least with one striker. I would attack them. That's the only way to beat them. 4 players in the midlle and 2 strikers, (one is defensive).


NorfLondenRM tried that last time around, lost 2-4...


king1319Personally I would drop Sahin deeper into the role he played in his bvb days It also helps Ozil in that he has more space to work with ( he LOVES having room to himself) and less defensive responsibilty.

Has Sahin been playing much/well I wondered how he would get on when RM signed. He is never playing whenever I catch a RM game


Joe423Sahin has been injured, thats why he isn't playing.

I'd play Khedira or Lass ahead of Sahin though, as there isn't a ball winner other wise, and theres too much defensive responsibility on Alonso.

In reply to Labud, playing 4-4-2 against Barca would be suicide, as they get 4-5 players in that central zone, surrounding the 2 in the middle, and you would never get the ball.

19.01.2012 saw what happened in the can't play like they either... anyway,,,the point cant play defense against just must be tactics that alows you to control middle...but...there is one more also need players for that.


chicarooneyvery balanced lineup which is very good but I hope Real dont win trophies because Ronaldo will get fed up and will come back to Man Utd.