The_Emperor5So, my last formation still failed to give me good results. Now I don't blame the formation entirely, maybe it's just me playing badly or my Custom Tactics are just not working.

But still, I thought that maybe affecting all the positioning in the left side may turn out making things harder. So what I decided to do is not to affect Marcelo's positioning anymore, therefore doing the same with Nuri, making sure my D will stay in form. Marcelo's work rate is still high on attacking, so support is still guaranteed.

About Ronaldo, he will stay in the left wing but instead of moving to the centre of the last three-fourths of the pitch, he will penetrate into the box. That way his cutting during the counter will be clearer, as he will act even more as an inner forward. For this part of the formation I moved him a bit backwards so that he won't move too high up the pitch.