Upper 90 StudiosJose Mourinho’s lack of belief in the heart and courage of Real Madrid, true Madridismo, have led to Real Madrid’s elimination from the Copa del Rey. And it was lost at the Bernabeu when he decided he didn’t need creative midfielders instead picking eight defensive-minded players.

This is who he should've started:

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Allowing Barcelona to have all the possession is suicide. Impose yourself in the middle and you’ll have more control of the game. It takes a special creative-type of player to break through Barça’s intense high-pressure defending. Pepe is not that player!

Without a creative attacking center midfielder and a “difference-maker,” Jose Mourinho will never beat Barcelona. The “Special One” prefers to play it safe, going against everything Real Madrid stands for. The strategy of sitting back and trying to hold off Barça is equivalent to a boxer sitting on the ropes trying to counter-punch. You have to stand toe to toe with them and fight back! Real Madrid has players with the ability to take the game to Barça and the proof was in the return leg.