chicarooneyThis a team who you can compare to the treble winners
De Gea=Schmiechel
Rafael=Gary Neville
I left out Keane because there is no one like Keane in the current Man Utd Team. I left out Andy Cole aswell because there is no one like him either.




nvrDe Gaea = Taibi, if we are looking at compareables.


chicarooneyI get your point de Gea sucks its just when he is on full form hes like Schmiechel and when he is confident i hate the way he is so unconfident and cant cath crosses. hes made so many mistakes and I will name them all.
vs Chicago Fire Wasn't concentrating
vs Man City Let a weak shot by Edin Dzeko in
vs West Brom Let a weak shot by Shane Long in
vs Spurs He didn't let it in but he had a nervy moment for not kicking the ball forward and Defoe nearly got it in.
vs Arsenal Got nutmegged by Theo Walcott
vs Man City Got nutmegged by David Silva
vs Benfica Kicked the ball straight at Benfica which led to a goal
vs Basel Dived too late
vs Blackburn Dropped the ball from a flying cross which led to a goal
9 mistakes Taibi made 7 it is time to get rid of De Gea.


david1993compare the the good saves between de gea and taibi?

when Massimo Taibi was at Manchester united he was 29 and should of been going towards he peak potential as a goal keeper but was not any were near as good he was awe full in goal

David DE Gea is only 21 which could be years before he reaches his potential at the tender age of 21 he showing signs that he can be become a world class keeper
yes we have seen the excellence from de gea and also the bad but if he adjust to the English game and improve his concentration their is no doubt in my mind that he will become one of the best keepers in the world but only if he manages to do them things 1.bulk up. 2 get use to English game 3. concentrate more


Joe423Your an idiot if you think they should get rid of De Gea.

His potential is through the roof, and if you thought he'd be as good as Van Der Sar in his first season, thats ridiculous. Spanish and English football are completelt different, and he like any other foreign transfer will need time to adjust.


chicarooneyJoe stop talking out of your ass, are you an Athletico supporter were De Gea was good. De Gea is rubbish has made 9 errors and has only had a few decent games.