king1319They are so many variables that go into a players career, one of them I am thinking about is the manager of a player. I read an article

(on bleacher report but its still credible)

So my question is how good or bad would Luiz have been if Mourinho was his coach or even Wenger and Ferguson? Would he still be a defender?


NorfLondenIt's true that his technique is far better than your average defender but his other attributes don't allow him to play further up in the field. He's not agile, he has no explosiveness. He is too easy to defend against if he doesn't hold the surprise element.

He's still young, for a defender at least and can learn the tricks of the trade at the back. Agility is however something you can't learn.

If he had played elsewhere he could have progressed faster as a defender. He would have paired with better partners and could have learned a lot more from that experience. Terry and his off-the-pitch issues are not doing him any favours. Had he played with Carvalho, Ferdinand or Vidic, not only he would have looked a better defender but also developed as a better player.


mojojojo101I think he can develop into a top defender still, he reads the game well and has a good turn of pace. To be fair he's not particualrly strong in the air but with the right partner (and the tactics AVB wants to play) that won't be a particuarly big issue (Ferdinand has never been especially adept in the air but along side Vidic he hasn't had to be). If he can get a solid partnership with a big, strong CB (don't see Cahill working with him particularly well). As for his tendancy to drive forward it's just a matter of adjusting further up the pitch to accomodate this as I think it can be a powerful weapon... think Edmilson for Brazil at World Cup 2002.


chicarooneyHe should be a Defensive Midfielder IMO


king1319He really does have unusual talents, You would think Terry is the perfect compliment to him because they are completely opposite, I wiould say that is down to AVB and Terry not being a good mentor. It must be interesting being a chelsea fan knowing he has a high ceiling but also a low floor. you just never know what he will get, strangely he looks better when playing for brazil


ZolaThe reason our defence looks poor this season is our midfield. We can't provide enough cover and every bit of weakness is amplified by a factor of 2. Had Luiz playing behind Essien and Makalele we wouldn't be questioning his defensive skills.


Thats an interesting point you make about Brazil tbh and may be worth looking at from Chelsea's point of view. His partner in the national team is normally Thiago Silva, himself not particularly good in the air. However I think this partnership may work because both players are quick, read the game well and Brazil defend high up the pitch, far away from goal (no striker is an aerial threat if they are 40 yards from goal). The problem Chelsea have though is that the way Brazil are playing under Menezes is pretty much the polar opposite of the playstyle they have used since Mourinho took over.

Would be interested to know why you think he should play in defensive-midfield, personally I've never really understood why peole think he would be good there.


MikeChelseaLampardHe should definitely be a midfileder when John Terry is back from his injury because he is so creative. He plays good through ball all the time. It will be a good boost to Chelsea if Luiz play as a midfielder!