Mr. KhalidChelsea can stop Barcelona by 3 ways :

1st- The players should be close together
2nd - playing long ball and counter attack
3rd- move without the ball and pressing Barcelona players .

I'm an ARSENAL fan , not Chelsea .

go little coaches |_-_-_-_-_-_|


JimmyGuitaristThey're not ways to 'stop' Barcelona. They're tactics which teams try every time they play against them with no success, apart from the odd occasion.

I don't think it'll be Di Matteo's tactic to just park-the-bus at Stamford Bridge, but they'll most likely be forced into playing like it.


david1993chelsea will have to be compact and narrow and work hard
i dont think lampard have the leggs to run around after barcalona


JimmyGuitaristI'm annoyed Pedro hasn't started. The only one running in-behind is Sanchez.


JimmyGuitaristWell that was a typical loss for Barca, but I think they were actually good. On a narrow pitch, going 1-0 down to a team that parks-the-bus & they still created excellent chances. The only thing what was bad for Barca was there finishing, and that's probably cost them because Chelsea will now just be putting every inch of effort into defending.
The line-up was a strange one as well in my opinion. Iniesta is just completely wasted on the wing. Pep shouldn't be playing him there just to cater for Fabregas. Fabregas, at the moment, is no way near as good at keeping the ball as Iniesta and it always makes Messi drop very deep to help more than what he usually does in midfield.


king1319You pretty much predicted the right foramtions and players

aside from torres, essien and pique, ramires/mata wrong side and messi/sanchez

hell of a performance by the london bus