liomessi1324Well the big game is coming up tommorow, and here are my lineups
Messi,Sanchez,Iniesta will be upfront.
Xavi,Fabregas,Busquets will be in midfield.
Alves,pique,puyol and Adriano in defense.
I know players might be tired from wednesday but Barca can't afford to rest players for this game.
For Real Madrid,
Benzema will be upfront.
Ronaldo,Ozil,Dimaria as the attacking mids.
Xabi Alonso,Khedira as defensive mids.
Arbeloa,Ramos,pepe,Marcelo as the defense.
Barca will go with their normal 4-3-3 and Madrid with their 4-2-3-1


JimmyGuitaristFabregas off for Pedro, and Iniesta in the middle would be my choice. I don't understand why Pep's putting Iniesta out on the wing where he's just completely wasted. Obviosly he's still good there, but Fabregas is no where near as good as Iniesta at moving the ball around in the center at the moment.


david1993i agree with jiimy guitarist as Pedro would offer more in the wing than iniesta and put iniesta back to midfield as he is one of best in what does in midfield.

di maria maybe not be fit enough to play so higuain may get the nod over him.
Marcelo left back i doubt as Barcelona has seemed to always target him as the weakness in the defense and they have been successful in past exploiting his weakness
fabio coentrao was at fault for goal against bayern as he dived in on philipp lahm.
maybe he will put arbeloa their(dont think so)

cant wait for this game let the best team win


king1319A few things I would love to see

If I was a RM fan.

Ronaldo as a striker. Mess i basically plays a free role and usually his defensive reposinibilty can be limited to pressing, I think the same could work for ronaldo. i recall a few classicos ago a senario where he was the only guy pressing.

Coentrao and Marcelo on the same flank, a page out of valenicas book. Everyone knows barcas right flank is way more dangerous compensate for it. maybe marcelo/coentrao.


More out of curiosity Xavi, Inesta, Fabregas all in midfield without busquets. very lightweight but It would be interesting to see how they would get on with 3 fowards pressing and 4 defenders behind them.


I know that would have been the better thing,but i did not want to leave out Fabregas he scored in his first clasico,and he is a great player.
Yeah,but Barca need a defensive mid in the midfield.