chelseaboi99Potential Arsenal formation with new signings and rumored to be coming Santi Cazorla. It is basically the same team as last year except Podolski takes the place of Gervinho and Arteta is moved further back to a holding midfielders role with Cazorla taking his spot. I believe this is a very strong team providing RVP stays, which I don't think he will. But anyhow Giroud is still a very good striker none-the-less.


chelseaboi99Diaby instead of Alex Song who has now left.


chelseaboi99Giroud instead of Van Persie who has also left.


adinoosmThis would be my formation and players of choice

With the obvious subs, and I might start THE OX over Gervinho!
Hopefully with a few more signings the starting 11 or the bench improves some more too.