king1319The past few years arsenal has never really had 'consistent' quality wing play. Its been their in patches but never stayed. A part of the problem is no natural wingers, playmakers and strikers shoved out wide has generally been the norm. Narrow Italian style formations would produce interesting displays and allow alot more players in more comfortable positions.


Lualua49Nowadays Arsenal team it's composed of other players, clichy is replaced by kibbs and alexander song and fabregas are replaced by cazorla and mikel arteta. If i were you i'll think in formations with this new players, because there are a lot of variations with cazorla, chamberline, wilshire.


king1319It's mostly based on Arsene Wenger's squads of the past (esp 10/11 season) were they have been 'no natural wingers' at all. Or to be specific no players who preffered to play outwide.

An example is this seasons statring 11