Satadru145Arsenal "The Invincibles" XI (2003-2004 season)
Reserve include :- Cesc Fàbregas, José Antonio Reyes, Robin van Persie, Sylvain Wiltord and Edu Gaspar.


RaamThis is a pretty strong lineup, good choice mate.


Satadru145Thanks Raam. However, this was the choice made by the Invincibles themselves. This is the Arsenal squad standard line-up during 2003-2004 season that remained unbeaten throughout the season. Rightly that team of Arsenal was called as "The Invincibles".


Sniped SniperDamn right and they were one hell of a team, really exciting to watch. Fast, fluid, and technically superior.
I really liked the Chelsea side from that same time period too, though they were the opposite of how Arsenal played: deep defensive line, long balls, and physical dominance.


Satadru145Yes, the Chelsea of Mourinho was a force to reckon. They were not as attractive as Arsenal of Henry's time, but they were exceptionally effective and brilliantly ruthless. They had some great bunch of players too. Didier Drogba can easily claim as one of the best forwards the EPL has seen in the last twenty years. He is more Alan Shearer type and less Thierry Henry type; but he is deadly in anyway one sees him. Cech has become probably the best goalkeeper in the world after Buffon and Casillas during this period. Terry and Lampard marshalled the defense and midfield like very few did. And the ace of the pack for Mourinho was Makelele, who redefined the role of Defensive Midfielder and solved multiple problem of Chelsea at a single go. Chelsea could play long ball and counter-attack based games due to their reliable positioning of Makelele. Excellent team and exceptional performance.

But you rightly pointed it out, they were not the Arsenal of 2003-04. That Arsenal team was like a dream and was so pleasing to the eyes. Thierry Henry is a big reason for that, and personally I believe that he is the greatest forward to have played in EPL (others may disagree, but thats what I believe). However, they had other exceptional players too, who could perform with the same brilliance in whatever role they had.