• FK Sarajevo

    Lineup if Kelava and Alispahic sign. Decent lineup and decent replacements for the starters. 1. Kelava ==> Bandovic2. Puzigaca ==> Baric3. Dupovac/Tatomirovic ==> Mitrevski/Kovacevic (or Berberovic, but not his primary position&#...

    miske10 | 10.01.2015

  • 4-1-3-2 Breakdown of the two transitions

    Key:RCB = Right Centre Back LCB = Left Centre BackRWB = Right Wing BackLWB = Left Wing BackDeep CDM = Deep Centre Defensive MidfielderCAM = Centre Attacking MidfielderLAM = Left Attacking MidfielderRAM = Right Attacking MidfielderRS...

    brosonichi | 17.12.2014

  • #MUFC XI vs Stoke City

    I have gone for the 4-4-2 diamond formation. The reason being when Herrera came on vs Hull, the formation helped us pass the opposition off the park. Want Rojo at LB so that we have a more solid defence even though Young has been good at LB b...

    nilesh | 02.12.2014

  • [url=http://this11.com][img]http://this11.com/play/abHYswZax.png[/img][/url]

    [url=http://this11.com]Soccer formations[/url] made easy with [url=http://this11.com]this11.com[/url]

    sayedkhames | 11.11.2014


    barca started with a 4-3-3 . now this is new barcelona side . under enrique they seem to be a bit cautious .they are not pressing that aggreseively . instead they are doing it when the opportunity . the barca sides in the past used to press ...

    rahul khond | 01.10.2014

  • Barcelona 14/15 3-3-3-1

    Buy: Ter Stegen, Hummels, Rues, AgueroYou can call me crazy for going with 3 in the back, but that is exaclty what everyone called pep when he was playing with 3 in the back, and he was a penalty kick away from being back in the champions league ...

    werdna10 | 05.05.2014 | Comments: 1

  • Spain National Team - Euro 2016

    Spain National Team - Euro 2016Spain National Team - Euro 2016Spain National Team - Euro 2016Spain National Team - Euro 2016Spain National Team - Euro 2016Spain National Team - Euro 2016Spain National Team - Euro 2016Spain...

    ramikouz | 19.06.2014 | Comments: 1

  • Because defence is for wussies

    This could be a score chasing foramtion for Man Utd. Or van Gaal can start the game like that. The focus is the triple overlap on the flank, especially the left flank.

    spqr22 | 02.09.2014 | Comments: 1

  • Manchester United XI 4-3-1-2

    This could be an awesome formation to play which would include the best players and could easily switch to 4-3-3 if you replace RVP with Januzaj and Rooney drops to midfield in place of Di Maria and Falcao plays as the CF with Di Maria and Ja...

    nilesh | 02.09.2014 | Comments: 3

  • Man United vs bigger teams.

    First id like to start and say united had a brilliant game vs Qpr .BUT m curious what would happen if their main playmaker Di Maria had to play against a double midfield block like city and chelsea play and he's been taken out the game.Also what ...

    Steve Booyens | 14.09.2014

  • Manchester United XI 3-5-2

    With the additions of Rojo, Blind, Shaw, Herrera, Di Maria and Falcao, if MUFC have to fit in everyone, I see either of Mata or Rooney playing if we stick to 3-5-2. Only if we switch to 4-3-3 then we can play both Rooney and Mata in t...

    nilesh | 02.09.2014

  • Liverpool against good teams?

    For me, this looks like a complete and unbreakable team against the top sides in both PL and Europe. Every player can fullfill his qualities, and it is a very solide defensive team as well as it can score goals and really good in counter attacks. Wha...

    adrianegeland | 05.08.2014 | Comments: 2