• Liverpools 3412 vs Palace 05 Oct 2013 (3-1)

    [url=http://this11.com][img]http://this11.com/boards/abFFjXgapa.jpg[/img][/url]Make your [url=http://this11.com]football formation[/url] with [url=http://this11.com]this11.com[/url]Just thought I'd put this out there for discussion... if anyone...

    #Football | 13.10.2013

  • Barcelona- Nemesis

    With neymar and alexis lighting it up in recent games and messi returning soon, Barcelona are only going to get better. Though neymar was doing well on the wing, he looked exponentially more dangerous playing in the middle vs. Valladolid. Obviously h...

    werdna10 | 09.10.2013

  • Arsenal vs Dortmund UCL group stage

    It will be interesting to see how Giroud gets on vs Subotic and Hummels. If Dortmund press high up Giroud is the outball, he has held his own against the stoke centrebacks and really bullied other smaller ones. His aerial and hold up skills will be v...

    king1319 | 05.10.2013 | Comments: 2

  • Borussia Dortmund Without Lewandowski

    Lewandowski will surely go to Bayern, either on January or on the next summer transer season. He's a great finisher, I'm not gonna lie. He reminds me of Ibrahimovic. However, Aubameyang can easily replace him. After a few games of the new sea...

    José Luis Ayala | 26.09.2013 | Comments: 3

  • Barcelona vs Rayo Tactical Breakdown of third goal

    This was my favorite goal of the game because it was a combination of direct and tiki-taka play. After a long diagonal ball and a quick exchange of passes with Adriano, Neymar finds himself surrounded by 2-3 defenders on the sideline. He quic...

    werdna10 | 22.09.2013 | Comments: 1

  • Barcelona 13-14

    This is a breakdown of some of the movement and positioning that takes place in Barcelona's 4-3-3 formation. If executed correctly this formation will bring Barcelona much success for this season. With Barcelona still improving and alread...

    werdna10 | 25.09.2013 | Comments: 1

  • Arsenal 13-14

    I have lost optimisim for transfers, so the focus is on the current squad.Walcott, Podolski and Giroud are the biggest goal threats in the team. Last season, Podlski supposedly wasnt 100% and unable to play to contributeat a high intesnsity i...

    king1319 | 27.07.2013 | Comments: 5

  • Barcelona vs Rayo Tactical Breakdown of first goal

    Classis counter attack. Song intercepts the attack just as rayo cross the half way line. Song sprints forward and plays the ball forward to Messi who alludes one defender, decides against passing to neymar on his left and quickly plays it on to the l...

    werdna10 | 22.09.2013

  • Barcelona Formation for 2013

    Many times watching Barca under pep I saw a triangular arrangement of players that form. Though many think that it is busquets, xavi, and iniesta who form the triangle in the middle, a more deadly and attacking triangle of xavi, iniesta, and messi wa...

    werdna10 | 20.09.2013

  • Real Madrids Attack

    This formation is for attacking with Ronaldo and Dimaria at the flanks causing trouble for opposing defences also with marcelo storming forward to create or cross to benzema from wide areas. Isco is the main attacking player and also he has to track ...

    kadiray | 20.08.2013 | Comments: 1

  • Spain in the Future

    I honestly think Spain has a great future. They will probably win 1 or 2 more World Cups. Look at this amazing squad! Young, talented players.

    José Luis Ayala | 08.09.2013

  • 433 Attack Formation

    Classic attack formation, ball is always move forward , CDM will shift play from right to left or left to right.Also you can see a direct wings attacks, RWB/LWB start the attack from the wings.

    slogx | 28.08.2013