dvdtt.shrmHi everyone, I am from India, and here's a huge football fan base. But my team never qualifies and is ranked below 100 :D . I saw the match Bayern munich vs India 11 and we lost 4-0 :D . I realised that other than facilities and prerequisites, a major flaw in tactical game. Since many of the asian teams are physically weak , less stamina, and less running, but great skills, thought on this, waited for 2 months and finally drew it. I opted italian speed and stale style - it is, fill up the defence when you are attacked, leave wingers and a striker free and long air the ball from defence line to free space , so that wingers run and chase it. 1. Attacking - this model was opted by Denmark UEFA EURO'12 against Netherlands in group stage match. They played 3-6-1 and were most of the time in their box . However, in this style of play, it is interesting that atleast 2 or three players should be free for counter attack. Smaller inner quadrilateral can control the game , if players are skilled. Players 4, 8, 3 form a one touch pass triangle. Side play is also possible but should be fast and diagonal crosses from player 6 to 5 or vice versa can be played to strech the central defence of opposite team. Dotted arrows show long air balls, solid arrows are small ball holding passes. Game can be controled from mid and balls can be thrown forward to free spaces.
2. Defence - This is tricky, becuase zonal system is difficult to apply in this. Over loading 6 - 7 mid players into box and bringing back wingers to mark forwarding full back must be done. Italian squad, when fully fit, plays this way, Juventus plays this way, however there's a big difference b/w italians and asians.

This formation or style require a high tempo game where wingers and striker have abilities to hold the ball , so that mid can come forward.
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