OBEDWell,tough to say either really.Because on one side we have Leo Messi, four time winner of the FIFA Balende'Or, holder of more than 15 records in his hand,a player with ability to score 91 goals in season,& possibly the best footballer of all time.He sure can't be beaten by the Brazilian who is enjoying only his first season in Europe.But on the other side there is a player with quick feet & quick mind,one of the best three or four players in the world currently.So I don't want to judge but to see what would happen.I can't wait


José Luis AyalaI think Messi will always be the king at Barcelona. Ibra, Henry, Eto'o, Bojan, and Villa all left because of him. Neymar will be like a Robinho. He'll last for about 4 seasons and then he'll leave for an English club. He's great, and he has what it takes but Messi is the boss at Barcelona.


Young o nelsonMessi is the king.barca with neymer&without messi there is no possibility of barca 2 win


pmassaraNeymar is a perfect complement to Messi. Messi controls the middle and can play in traffic while Neymar loves to works outside 1v1.