werdna10With neymar and alexis lighting it up in recent games and messi returning soon, Barcelona are only going to get better. Though neymar was doing well on the wing, he looked exponentially more dangerous playing in the middle vs. Valladolid. Obviously he will not be playing in the middle when messi returns to the line up, but he should be given more freedom to come inside instead of just hugging the sideline. I think that neymar and alexis should have more freedom to come in the middle and run at defenders like they did vs. Valladolid. neymar, messi, and alexis all have the ability to run with the ball and attack defenders, and if givien the freedom to do this, they will be a difficult trio to defend. The rest of the team is also looking good. I believe a puyol bartra pairing will strengthen the backline. And as long as we keep a high tempo and pass the ball with purpose our midfield will have success. But it is very important that we move the ball with intent and are always looking break through the defense. when we pass the ball with no purpose and just knock it around slowly we struggle. the first half vs. Valladolid was like this and we struggled. the second half we passed the ball with purpose and if we could score on 3 passes we would of but we were not wasteful we just had an attacking focus to our passes. we still passed the heck out of the ball but we had our heads up looking forward and there was just a nice tempo and purpose to the passing. Watch the second half of that game and you will see what I mean. I think that barca are improving every game and are best is only yet to come. We still have not seen the best of neymar messi and alexis at the same time, but we will soon.