Make your [url=http://this11.com]football formation[/url] with [url=http://this11.com]this11.com[/url]Just thought I'd put this out there for discussion... if anyone is out there...
The arrows are my take on the movements of the players. Which may not be correct seeing as I only saw the MOTD highlights (out of country, not my choice) so I'm basing it on the previous game we played it vs Sunderland. Also a 3-1 victory albeit vs Sunderland we were away from home. Again, just my observations.
I think we played this against Man United (1-0 loss) in the cup the game before that too. So this Palace game is now the 3rd in a row we've deployed this.
For the United game I think it was a bit different as we had Lucas (suspended vs Palace) where Henderson is, with Hendo in Sterlings position. Although I seem to recall Hendo playing more of a RB role.

It seems to have been introduced for three reasons. Primarily as a response to loosing Countinho in the 2-2 draw away to Swansea, secondly the complete shenanigans of playing 4 CBs agains Southampton in the 0-1 home lose to Southampton, and thirdly loosing Agger to injury in that loss (which may have been a blessing looking back it that is what ultimately led to this 3 at the back).

MIGNOLET - GK - Stop goals going in. Distribute well.

SKRTEL - CCB - Is it anchor or sweeper. I never can remember. Basically be a beast at the back. Stay put and get stuck in when they come at you.
TOURE - RCB - Same job but step up into the space left by RWB and press high
SAHKO - LWB - Same as RCB but not pressing as high. Form a conventional 2xCB pairing when required allowing LWB to become LB and RCB to be RB. Allowed more time on ball to distribute too

ENRIQUE - LWB- Play mainly as a LW as Sahko stays put. Get to byline, keep width. Playing balls central to front three of LF RW and 'no10' (DS, LS & VM) from anywhere on the wing inside the opp half)
STERLING - RWB - Play as a more conventional RWB getting up and down. Supporting RCM when he steps up to press and covering the RB role on these occasions. Keep the width.
GERRARD - LCM - Find space to allow time to distribute. 2nd presser when needed. Join in attacks when possible
HENDERSON - RCM - Press all over most areas of the pitch in close vicinity to starting area. Slow down play and if possible break up play. Keep ball moving if under pressure, find other CM for distribution pass

MOSES - Run the width of the pitch helping find space for counter attack and keeping ball moving through the middle. Creating space for CFs to exploit.

STURRIDGE - Find space on wings for counter attack when WBs forced back. Interchange positions with 10 and CF
SUAREZ - Same as above.

Anyone want to correct or add to that?

Seems like vs Newcastle in the next game we may see Johnson and Agger introduced at some point. Both have not played this system yet so could be interesting to see how they fair. And if Skrtel or Sakho will be dropped. Will be a tough call and I think it will be Sakho to get a rest or we may see Sakho moved to CCB as I don't think Agger is as imposing shall we say as a proper get stuck in defender. I have to say I was never a fan of seeing Agger at LB, but this is a different role so he may adapt to it well, especially with his distribution qualities. Something that may give Sahko the nod over Skrtel.

Obviously the player were are dying to see in this formation is Coutinho. Ironic as it is his injury that probably led to this formation. This will mean Moses dropping to either RWB or to the bench.

And then we have Lucas back from suspension too. Who can only really play where Henderson did vs Palace. So if he comes straight back in it means Moses and Henderson will possibly be vying for the RWB role. It would be a shame to see Henderson not start in the league for the 1st time this season. His work rate defensively has been a major factor in how we've played and consequently our results but I fear Moses more natural inclination as a RWer and forward player could edge him. And he hasn't been a slouch defensively either, although I do question his stamina at the moment (which is getting better). So maybe Henderson will have to come on. Hopefully the game will be won by then and if not maybe his energy can open up spaces and win possession back quicker if needed.