king1319A set of alot of versatile players. Players that can perform excellently in a number of roles and positions. Alot more quality than 11 Jon O'shea's

2.Philip Lahm
No surprise here, a major reason Bayern can have so much success (they have a significant number of players here)
Comfortable at both fullback positions, a stationary holding midfielder or an energetic box to box midfielder.

3. David Alaba
The Bayern leftback occasionaly spells Ribery on the right wing, and plays a forward thinking mdifeld role for his country.

4. Vertoghen
The former Ajax Centreback also plays a holding role aswell as leftback for country due to his countries depth at his position aswell as attacking qualities.

5. Jerome Boatneg.
More centreback than anything but does move around when he plays for germany. he has played a cautious holding role as well as a reserved fullback

6. Javi Martinez
The expensive defensive midfielder is very comfortable dropping back as a centreback. He is capable of a mdifield role higher up the pitch as a disrupter due to his workrate a and ball wining skills.

8. Arturo Vidal
Woudl duel Lamh for captain honurs of the team. Has practicaly played everywhere you can imagine, probably aside from goalie and striker. His energy and ball wining ability are almost impossible to match.

Thomas Muller
He is a "get him on the pitch" player. He just does the same thing, works hard and scores goals. He uses his intelligent movement as a right winger, second and primary striker. If need be he can do a job at left wing and he has been used as an energetic number 8.

11. Grosskreutz
He is the Jon o'shea of the team. The least talented but he always adapts to whatever role he has to play. Usually a left winger, he is a good fill in at both fullback spots or even an energetic box to box midfielder.

10. Wayne Rooney.
As does the rest of the team he has an exellent work rate and can be moved all across the frontline and into midfield to help others shine. He can also go forward and poach all the glory.

9. Luis Suarez
Similar to Rooney in that he can play across the frontline, he can also play as a number 10 set up team mates.