CrocoCould be wrong for putting Willian in the No. 10 slot as Hazard is probably a better fit for that role, but he likes to play out on the left and that has to be taken into consideration. Of course, they will have to purchase Shaw and Costa to make this side happen, and they HAVE to bring Lukaku back home for the season, especially if Eto'o walks after his one-year. He's proven he can score goals in the Premier League and I would rather have him over Torres any day. I'm just afraid of him turning into another Daniel Sturridge...what I would give to have him back with the way he's been lighting it up for Liverpool.


nvrMourinho seems to have a problem with Lukaku. It was ridiculous to send him on loan this season.


CrassusPondersWhy no Oscar?


Croco@nvr - If Mourinho has had problems with Lukaku, then I do not know about them. Regardless, I would like to see him come back home for one season, and I would like to see Torres gone. He has been a shell of his former self ever since they got him from Liverpool, while LFC has taken the money and built themselves a title contender.

@CrassusPonders - I'm thinking that Oscar and Willian would be interchangeable now that you've brought it up. He's a good kid and has a bright future ahead of him. But for this formation to work, he'd have to play in the middle, unless he can play on the left to bring Hazard to the middle.


CrassusPondersHe's played in the middle this season, so he'd be good :)