RedrebelAs I was thinking of a secure formation I came with one of the variations of the 4-3-2-1. With this formation teams don't have to worry about leaving too much space, or supporting the back 4. Offensively this formation can be very effective. The attacking midfielders can act as forwards, and the outside midfielders can go up and cross balls, leaving the center-mid securing midfield which means they would be attacking with 5 players and that is all you need. What do you guys think?


Robert O'CarlosLiking this one, m8. The Czech team has often played this with Galasek in the centre playing more of a defensive midfield role bringing the ball out from defense and passing forward.


RedrebelNice, I didn't knew anybody used this formation.


DioSecure? I dont think so, too wide.There is much space at the centre, opposite midfieldes would be free to play.

One of the ofensive midfielder should go deeper.