FeriAtsFor the premier league I am going between Hodgson and McLeish, inclined towards the latter due to his stance under a big money owner.

In Germany, I am always a big admirer of Felix Magath, having made Wolfsburg champions last year, he brought Schalke 04 into contention.

For Spain and Italy I do not really have any nominees. There just hasn't been anyone outstanding enough.

Thoughts? Your picks?


ZolaLeonardo for Italy. I know he was trashed by Man Utd a week ago but being just 1 adrift in Serie A at this stage of the season is not a small thing. I guess we all know how underinvested AC Milan is/


FeriAtsMaybe I spoke too early. Fulham's victory over Juventus is quite something.


Robert O'CarlosMcLeish for me. I think you could argue Fulham were a tad fortunate against Juve.

Obviously any actual award would go to either Ferguson (should he win an unprecedented 19th), Wenger (for running the league so closely without spending) or Ancelotti (simply for winning on his 1st attempt).