ZolaIt was one of the most enjoyable seasons of the recent history. Not that we won, but I loved the competition. At one point we had 3 teams aiming for the top spot and 4 for the 4th. Had Pompey not been effectively relegated by the transfer ban in January, we could have a more heated relegation fight.

Pundits claim that the quality of the football was lower but I do not agree. True, the league have lost some key players to La Liga but we've seen other players raise their games; Drogba, Lampard and Rooney comes to mind. I think they are saying that because of what happened in Champions League.

So my question to other teams' fans: do you still feel that Chelsea bought their way to league title?


nvrNo, as long as Abramovich is there to cover up Chelsea's financial cock-ups, the "bought title" feeling will not go away.

However, I must give it to you, Ancelotti is a much better winner. He at least has some class. So it's not as irritating as you won it with Mourinho.


FeriAtsIt's not only the CL exits that make pundits say that. The number of goals conceded is huge too. Some might say the more the merrier, but I too take it as a sign of lack of quality.