ZolaWhile egoes of some of Chelsea players have been bruised in WC, they will be on the pitch as champions and want to put bad memories behind.

United on the other hand facing a aging backbone and with no cash to spend this summer, will probably try to give their youngsters some playing time.



SpaceGhostBruised egos indeed - you should start a thread on "Which Chelsea player had the most memorable WC?"

If those are the line-ups for the Community Shield then Man U is going to get outplayed in the center.


OnceABlueI've been to last couple of Community Shield games in Wembley. None of the games made me sit on the edge of my seat. The managers rather did not play that game and players were not enthusiastic either.

Ferguson would be wise if he fielded a younger side and I'd prefer Chelsea did the same too.


nvrI only like Community Shield because it signals the arrival of our ever glorious Premier League. Why do we have summer break?


ZolaThe actual starting line ups:


GeorgieWasTheBestIt was good to see Berbatov score. Hernandez looked lively but he needs more time.

Chelsea looked to have lost blood with departures of Cole, Ballack and maybe even Deco.


chicarooneyA year later and Chelsea are even more bruised