FeriAtsNow that the sale is complete and they avoided deduction of 9 points, the ship seems steadied. If they get a result from Goodison Park tomorrow they can call it a fresh start.

But something's bugging me. The outgoing owners were American and so are the new ones. They are as likely to not get the spirit of the game and expectations of the fans. What guarantees that it's not going to be a repeat of Gilett and Hicks?


ZolaThe optimism is due to NESV's track record with Boston Red Sox. or is it Socks?

Anyway, with today's defeat against Everton, I reckon their campaign has shaped into full rebuild season. I don't think Hodgson is capable of making big decissions and turning this around. They'll probably end up using this season giving debuts to their youngsters etc.


nvrIt will take them a good 4 or more years to get where they were before. I doubt the new owners will splash the cash a la Al Mansour and building up a squad will take time.

Had Ferguson not been at the helm, we would have seen similar things happen at ManU, too.


NemcyTheKingLiverpool game-schedule is ruthless from the start of the season... they alredy played teams such as Arsenal,Man Utd and City,Everton ... I think Hodgson needs to be given time at least until the end of the half season ... Also another top striker is much needed in January!


ZolaLiverpool fans seem to think Hodgson's long ball tactics are bit out of date and I tend to agree with them. It might work at Fullham level, but you can't really force top 4 with that.