albrighton-9 million
jarvis-11 million
baines-12.5 million
tomkins-5 million
maveraux- free
aquilani-recall back
cole-5 million
soto-3 million
poulson-3 million
jovanovic-6 million
insua-6 million
el-zar-3 million


nvrThe price you hope to get are a bit on the high side. Cole who didn't play 10 games, aging and known to be inconsistent won't fetch 5 million, Insua who has fallen off the radar, with a year to go on his contract won't get 6.


SanzIf our big signings this summer are Albrighton and Jarvis we will be in trouble...

Also, where's Gerrard? Or Aquilani for that matter? Stick both of them in in place of Meireles and Jarvis, rejig the shape and you'd have a good team.


RFMHThinking Reina will be there is optimistic.


GerrardTorresGet rid of Soto? really?
I totally disagree, for his price he is a great squad player for a defender. We can almost always count on him to come in and tear it up, not to mention he is very dangerous on set-plays with headers...
I also think Charlie Adam should be on your INS might be tricky for him to fit into the team with gerrard/lucas/meirles already there...but if one of them gets injured, or needs replacing, not to mention he is pretty young, he will outlast gerrard if he stayed that long


SanzPersonally, i don't think we should have bought Soto in the first place. Yeah, he's served us well and done a good job in periods considering his £1.5m price, but he doesn't really represent the direction we should be going in and was a short term signing to plug a gap left by Hyyppia.

He's had his moments that's for sure, but he's agricultural, slow and quite limited. Great for attacking the ball with his head in both penalty areas and he's as strong as a lion, but it isn't enough. We need defenders who are more intelligent and quicker, while being better with their feet.

I guess it's easy to say in hindsight, but had we blooded Ayala in last season, where he looked comfortable in his brief appearances anyway, we would currently have a young player with two years of experience under his belt and we would've saved ourselves some money while we were at it.

Despite that, Ayala's still a better player than he was when he debuted against Spurs on the opening day of last season, with valuable experience on loan at Hull and Derby in the Championship. He and Wilson* can both render Soto's role at the club redundant.

*Don't judge Wilson on his performances this season where he's mostly played at left back, in a shambles of a defence due to our best defenders being injury prone.


RFMHI've seen Ayala play twice this season and the first time for Hull, when I didn't realise who he was, I thought he was a season pro who bossed a much more experiences Andy Keogh all game long. Quality player.


FeriAtsWith Gerard's career efectively over, this actually seems quite realistic now.


chicarooneyIve always thought to myself but why do the scousers always buy British talent.