nvrDuring January transfer window of 10-11 season Alex Ferguson declared that there was no value in transfer market. This was right after City's deep pocket owners distorted the market.

Fast forward 18 months, not only there are more rich foreign owners, but also there's the pressure of UEFA's financial fair play rules deadline. The fact that they won't be able to splash the cash next year onwards, the clubs prepare themselves for a one last spending spree.

Actually it started with Torres' switch to Chelsea. Liverpool had been taken for a ride when buying Carrol after that. Had you asked any Liverpool fan if they would be happy to buy Carrol for £35M, they would have a good laugh at you.

We are now looking at crazy asking prices like £16M for Ashley Young, who only has a year left on his contract. Under normal circumstances he would only get half of that.

I began to wonder if it is best to stay still, till the turbulence settles down in the market. Thoughts?


mojojojo101Personally believe there is value in the market but as far as English players (and to a certain extent players from the other home nations) are hugely overhyped, over valued and overated.

For me a great example of this is Sahin and Henderson. Sahin, moved for €8 millionto Real Madrid after a great season, winning the title with Dortmund, while Henderson, who had a very average season in my opinion with a mid-table team who consistently under performed in the last half of the season moved to Liverpool for £20 million...

Value, Not even close.


NorfLondenSahin had one year left on his contract, that's why RM got him on the cheap. Henderson had 3 or 4 years more. Liverpool still overpaid tho, they should have closed the deal around about £12M.


zamir_beckIf u talk bout english player,thy are always overpriced.bt if v look at other foreign players its not like that,until club like citeh and chelsea spends stupid amounts on players which indirectly affect the whole transfer value of the market


OnceABlueHistory is full of players who couldn't cut it in PL, whereas they shone elsewhere. Schevschenko, Forlan, Veron...It's only normal that anyone who has proved themselves will command a couple of more millions.

The alternative strategy is to buy more players from 2nd and 3rd tier leaugues with the hope of striking gold.