nvrI'll start with Arsenal:


Striker is the most obvious one now that Giroud is injured. The others are subject to finding good deal in the market, admittedly only happens rarely in January.


nvrTrying again:


nomer_9Chelsea !
Formation 4-3-3
Suggestions: Pogba and Diego Costa


OnceABlueI don't see us buying a midfield player. We already have more than necessary at the moment and keeping them all happy is proving difficult.


nomer_9What do you mean ??? Maybe Mikel, which is the most overrated player in the world. A player who has playing for team which standarts are bigger than its qualities ! Or Essien ??? Which is totally escaped from the big football.... or Lampard ??? Which is 35 years old ... Please, be more serious !!!


OnceABlueSchurrle, De Bruyne and Mata are a few of our midfielders who are unhappy because they are not getting enough playing time. This is January transfer window where players are overpriced. We could more than manage with our current midfielders till end of season. Getting one is the least of our priorities.

Is that serious enough?


nomer_9I'm sorry, but think that you should make a difference between attacking mdfs and defensive mdfs :)