ACFergie(assuming Sneijder signs)

This would give Rooney a free role, he can provide width on the left, play his "hollywood balls" to players ahead of him and also to help Anderson in the middle as the play-maker. Evra will get forward and create the width on the left for when Rooney gets forward or cuts inside.

Berbatov would be there to hold the ball up and allow the likes of Rooney and Sneijder to get forward.

Sneijder would play in the Van Der Vaart role just behind the striker but would also drop back and provide support for Anderson when Rooney gets forward.

Nani would provide the width on the right, he will put in the crosses for Chicharito and Rooney, he will create a good understanding with Rafael and allow Rafael to get forward.

Chicharito would just do what he is best at and be a goal-scoring machine. With the likes of Berbatov, Rooney, Nani and Sneijder behind him trying to set him up, he would get chances galore.


david1993but wat if berba dont play well.
1 put rooney up front and young on wing
2 young behind hernandez
3 sell berba bring in new striker
4 wlebeck or macheda


JimmyGuitaristAnderson as the holding player wouldn't work in my opinion. From the looks of how you've placed the players on the formation, Sneijder looks like he's in more of a play-making role than Anderson.
It looks like you've put up a 4-1-3-2 formation. Replace Anderson for a Mascherano/Busquets/Cambiasso sort, and you might have something.


SanzLooks poorly balanced. It might work well on Fifa but it's never gonna happen in real life.

This is how i expect United to line up:

And that's one hell of a team, though it pains me to say it as a Liverpool supporter.

In bigger games you might move Rooney up front with Sneijder in behind and bring in Fletcher or someone like that.


FeriAtsWouldn't work in real life, this just doesn't have the defensive bone.


mojojojo101ACFergie's team has a grand total of 2 non-attacking players (Vidic and Ferdinand)

Sanz's team has 3 non-attacking players (Vidic, Ferdinand and Carrick)

I'm not counting Rafael and Evra because quite simply putting them in such a narrow, defensive back four supresses the best qualities of the both of them.

Sneijder is NOT going to manage to play in a central midfiled role. He hasn't played in that sort of position since he was at Ajax and has never been convincingly defensively, we will be to fragile through the centre if he was played in central midfield.

I would prefer a team like:

Anderson: comfortable playing a defensive role and allows the midifled (inc. Nani/Valencia) to be able to collapse into two banks of four.
Carrick: comfortable with the ball at his feet as well as anchoring attacks allowing the full backs to go forward.
Nani/Valencia: Were the two best wingers in the league last season and even though we have signed Young I don't see him displacing either of them in the starting line-up, especialy in big games.