NorfLondenI am talking about Corinthians' Tevez affair, of course. I always had the idea that South American clubs didn't have too much money and relied on selling players to Europe. Obviously I was wrong.

Can someone shed some light on to this?



This is a pretty good article explaining it... although it looks like it was all a smokescreen anyway, the Brazilian transfer window closes today and it looks unlikely that he will move.


NorfLondenYeah, I had the feeling something dodgy going on. Thanks for the link. So it's another Joorabchian job then.

I wonder what sort of reception he'll get if he stays in Manchester.


mbillington10It is certainly a strange situation. I never thought he would leave, and I still don't. Basically because noone is going to pay £50m and his £200,000 (after tax) wages, nor will City agree to the £2m compensation pay off he wants.

I don't accept the story about him wanting to be closer to his daughters. I'm sure its true that he feels that way, but there are plenty of alternatives to moving clubs that he could try (why not get a private jet, so he can fly direct from Manchester to Buenos Aires, why not move his family to Spain/Italy, then he can fly over more easily, and besides, what's so bad about Manchester that it isn't worth living in even though it means your husband earning an unparalleled wage?)

I think its the work of everyone's favourite agent, Kia Joorabchian. I believe he has been telling Tevez that Barcelona, Real Madrid and Inter Milan are all desperate for him, but that in order to get the move he will have to force Man City to sell, via a transfer request.

If I was in his position, and generally missed my family too much to carry on in my current situation, I would make the necessary sacrifice and say, ok I will play for Boca for £5,000 a week, and use the fortune I have amassed in my career to pay off my contract with Manchester City, which is only fair. It's a sacrifice, but it would make his dream of being close to his daughters to reality... any monetary considerations are not those of a family man, but an agent.

I expect him to stay at City though, as you rightly say, will be interesting to see the reception, but he does seem generally well liked by the players at least.


jfrodrigues84They got a new tv contract. They would pay that ammount in four years.