king1319Who knew brazil had this many players in the EPL? All these players off the top of my head!
Alot of attacking fullbacks does not suprise me, but alot of deep lying Central midfielders.
A few years ago I noticed Arsenal/Chelsea/Liverpool/Man U all had brazilian CM's, who could all possibly
compete for the same spot in the Brazil team. Denilson/Ramires/Lucas/Anderson


nvr2 things strike me as I look at this:

1)They don't make them Brazilians as they used to.
2)The level of Brazilian talent in EPL is even lower.


king1319Could not possibly agree any more, the closest they have to a real brazilian player is Oscar but he is in his tender years, perharps the manchester twins have a case but overall its terrible.

Such a shame for Brazil, I always carry a soft spot for home countries at tournaments hopefully for their fans sake they can patch things up enough to produce something leaving their fans with some dignity. Especially in a circumstance where anything but a world cup victory is a failure.

But then again this is Brasil they can always suprise