paadfootWell, seeing that Gasperini probably won't stop using his favourite 3-4-3, and that it went miserably against Palermo, I think it should look more like this.

Chivu as a left-centre-back, Lúcio playing in the middle of the defence, and Maicon using his great all-round skills and physical ability both to support offensively and defensively down the right.
I would play with either Zanetti/Stankovic as a right midfielder because they can provide cover for Maicon and are great players.
Sneijder can't be left out of this team, he is essential and one of the best Tetraquartistas in the game today, it would be suicide to leave him as a substitute.
Forlán and Zárate playing the wide roles with Forlán coming inside to leave space for Maicon, and Zárate providing width down the left.

I don't think this is the best formation for Inter, but I find this is the best way for the 3-4-3 to be performed.


AndoYeah, the backs are just to old/slow for it.


FeriAtsIt didn't go well against Trabzonspor(I had to look up how to spell the name, what's it with the debutants' names these days?) either. Gasperini for the sack?