JimmyGuitaristPato's first minute goal was excellent. After seeing this game though, Barcelona need another experienced centre-back. They have youth players who will definitely be good for the future, but right now they just need a player like Silva back there.
As a Barca fan-boy, this game was frustrating to watch because Milan defended narrowly, but Barcelona did as well and they didn't stretch Milan at all. Alves didn't play terrible, but even he was cutting inside. They usually play with so much width, but they just didn't at all here and basically played into Milan's hands. Messi and Nesta were the best players on the pitch.
Overall, I think it was a well deserved draw for Milan because they did the Italian thing and just defended, defended, defended and scrapped a corner from nothing in the 90th minute.


gazlfcforeverYeah Milan were excellent, lined up perfectly against Barca. Of course you need a bit of luck but the corner was perfectly planned. I think this game showed the obvious weakness Barca have that I've mentioned on here.

The high line can be exposed with pace and the left wing will have lots of space when Alves moves forward. Teams are only going to learn how to expose these weakness further this season.

I do think the Mascherano signing was a strange one, I know the defensive midfielders at the back was his plan but he'd be better off with a pacey defender that is good on the ball, I think a lack of talent in that area is probably the reason.


JimmyGuitaristThing is, Barca will always play a high-line. I like that they do, because I like watching how they defend just as much as what they do with the ball. They attack and defend as a unit. The problem with playing a high-line is if your opponents do break through the pressing, you need 2 centre-backs who are good at making last ditch tackles; Pique and Puyol are the best at that, but with Puyol getting injured a lot now, they definitely need to buy another defender who can fit in his place. They showed interest in actually buying Silva from Milan, and I think he'd be perfect for them. But apparently, Silva extended his contract at Milan so I'm not sure now.