troopyPhase One: GK distributes the ball to 4 options RB/LB/CM/ST either by Throw or Kick.

Phase Two: LB/RB can then drive and dribble into space and then pass to either CM or LW or continue their run. This phase has empahsis on playing forward and sideways, not backwards. If the CM receives it he has 4 options, back to the LB/LW, to the CM or switch to RW.

Phase 3 (Creative players): The CM or LW/RW now have the ball, they can play the ball either to Head or Feet of a Striker coming deep, or play in behind the defenders. The LW/RW can get the ball and drive down the touchline to cross or even cut inside when possible. The CM can also drive with the LW/RW spreading as wide as possible so that it becomes 3 v 3 (CM v CM, ST v CB, ST v CB). Keep the ball moving at speed, short passes with minimal touches, working side to side if necessary to create space in behind the defence for a through ball to ST or LW/RW or pass to feet in and around the penalty area.


chicarooneyYou should be managing a big team like Real Madrid,Barcelona,Man Utd or Man City. Nice tactic work.