MemeThis is the tactic I hope we'll be using against Norwich. It's an attacking formation, an with players like Suarez, Gerrard and Adam, we will most likely control the match. I think Suarez and Downing will score our goals.
Reina will have a clean sheet
Matchtip: 2-0. Suarez after 37 min., Downing after 69 min.


david1993it may be to early for coates but i agree with not picking jamie carragher cause he is left with making last ditch tackles which may look good but its in fact that he cant keep up with the speed anymore and needs the the last ditch tackle.

agger and skrtel had a gud partnership last year it may not be the best but it works for a while.

henderson done good for the time he had agasint united

andy carrol shud play and needs to get a run of games

when liverpool play without andy carrol they pass the ball more and if they cant find an opening they pass it until they find a opening

when carrol does play their not as patient and they just boot it up to carrol and hope for the best but if liverpool do what they do when carrol isnt playin they will get the best out of him